Our Club

The Elwood Cricket Club was founded in 1972 by brothers John and Gerri Feehan and competes in the South Eastern Cricket Association. Elwood has produced many of the competition’s great players and has even won the much coveted Longmuir Shield – the highest team honour.

We’ve a reputation for playing hard and fair, striking the right balance between pursuing excellence on the field and hosting our opponents at the club’s bar after a hard fought game. As a result, we’ve attracted a number of international level players and coaches, including a past Australian Test Captain. These champions have imbued the club with a level professionalism which has seen us compete in the competition’s highest level, the Longmuir Shield.

A Family Club

The Elwood Cricket club is a family club and we go to great lengths to create an environment that is fun and safe for not only the players but also their wives, partners, parents, kids and siblings. We’re proud to host a number of family days at the club including Christmas parties, Six-a-Side Day, Ladies Day and the infamous $1000 Draw.

It’s not uncommon for the club to field teams that include brothers, fathers and sons. We understand that there’s a certain magic about ‘going into battle’ with your family and we’re happy to make this happen.

A Special Place

The club is located on the picturesque Elwood Foreshore and therefore we’ve earned the nickname ‘The Beach Boys’. We believe we have the prettiest ground in the league and on a hot day, the place is buzzing with beautiful people, families and beachgoers of all varieties. The sun, the beach, the smell of the salt breeze, tanning oils and BBQs makes Elwood Cricket Club a special place to spend your Saturday. And If the days don’t blow you away, just wait for the sunsets!

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