The Committee

Luke Stanley


Don’t let his gruff exterior fool you. Luke, is an absolute teddy bear. Claims he is the most ‘underutilised’ in the club. Next time you see him, give him a big hug.

Marcus Bayer


Marcus approaches his finances like he approaches his bowling. Precise, accurate and detail oriented. He is a high-achieving, unrelenting machine.

Sam Marcolin


Sam is the oldest child and heir to one of the great Elwood Houses – the Marcolins. Talented and smart, no task is too big for Sam. Except for wicketkeeping.

Lachlan Venn

Assistant Treasurer

Lachie is a quiet achiever with a reputation for being an astute investor, possessing an uncanny knack for turning $1 into $2. All-rounder on the field and all-round good bloke off it.

Marshall Bunting

Club Coach

Elwood’s favourite son. If you want to know about Marshall just ask him. He’d be glad to tell you. Just clear your schedule and find a chair, it could take a while.

Andy Dillon

Chairman of Selectors

Andy is a battle-hardened wicketkeeper/batsman with a keen eye and a sharp mind. He knows everyone’s strengths and weaknesses. He’s got you figured.

Rachael Bulcock

Social Manager

The jewel in our crown and the envy of the competition. She is the life of our party and nobody throws a shindig like Rachael Bulcock.

Andrew Chambers

Bar Manager

Andy is our resident funnyman and the truth is that he spends so much time at our club’s bar, we thought we’d give him a title. You might say the bar manages Andy.

David Robertson


Being a millennial, Robbo is speaks fluent “facie”, “insta”, “snap” and will even tweet when prompted to do so. Excellent team man too.

Tom Balme

Merchandise & Junior Liaison

Tommy ‘Tiger’ Balme is a natural athlete and charismatic club talisman. As Junior Liason, he masterfully wields his charm. As Merchandise Manager, he’s the perfect person to tell you that you don’t quite fit into that medium shirt anymore.